Week 1 Lefferts Gardens

Step by Step: Posture Break-Down Series in Lefferts

Our first posture-break down class this month was a great success! “T as in Terrrifc” instructors, Rasheda Charles and Kito Lopes, led the class through demonstrations and in-depth discussions of pranayama breathing, along with the first six asanas of the Bikram method. While Kito moved through the postures, Rasheda pointed out the key features of each pose to really understand what it means to “receive 100% of the benefits” in Bikram Yoga. After every asana demonstration, both teachers circulated the room to give one-on-one attention to each student, providing small adjustments where necessary.

We are looking forward to the next session, this Wednesday, August 13th, where another of our wonderful teachers (it’s secret, so you’ll have to come to see who it is!) will guide the class from “standing separate leg stretching” to “wind-removing” pose. You won’t want to miss it…or the chance to get a sneak peak of our new studio as it begins to hum with the energy of Bikram Yoga Park Slope yogis. Om!

For more information, call  718.399.3369. See you on Wednesday at 7 p.m. Namaste!