Marriage of the Heart and Lungs

BYPS teacher Rebecca Causey led a full room of yogis from beginner to advanced through the second half of the standing series last week. This was the second in our month-long posture break-down series to welcome the latest addition to our studio family: Hello Lefferts Gardens!!

Rebecca not only demoed the postures herself, but she also pointed out critical aspects of each asana with the help of another Bikram Yoga Park Slope teacher, Katya Riva. Empowered by their personal and supportive approach, participants asked a wide array of questions, including weight distribution during Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee, and heel placement in Toe Stand. Understanding what it means to “drop the hip” in Triangle and where to look during Standing Separate Leg Stretching are game changers for everyone.

Although the room is unheated during these intro sessions this month, the heat builds up with warm up breathing and concentrated attention on pose analysis. We hope you join us for the third installment of this series on August 20th at 7 p.m., where BYPS teacher Katia Riva will lead us all through the floor series…in the words of Bikram: where the real yoga begins.