Bikram yogi Ruchika Muchhala

Ruchika Muchhala

My sister had been practicing Bikram Yoga for awhile and she convinced me that it would really help me detox. It was only until the winter break after a busy first semester in graduate school, that I agreed to join her for a class in 2012 and immediately bought the unlimited monthly plan as a christmas present to myself!

As a graduate student and then a freelancer who has strange “working hours” and can work remotely, Bikram Yoga is the time in which I get to put the gadgets away and disconnect, literally! However, unlike working out at the gym or going for a long meditative swim, I feel that my practice challenges me to not only have the chance to keep trying and trying, pushing and pushing until I come to “perfect” my poses, but to just value the process of it.

With my work, making documentary films and non-fiction content, oftentimes it is only the final edited outcome that one sees and as an artist, we feel rewarded when others are affected by our work and acknowledge it. However, we fail to acknowledge our own process of making it. The film I am screening on March 8, 2015 is deeply personal, as I am the one who navigates through the arranged marriage system and my parents are pressuring me to get married. The process of making the film emotionally as well as logistically, was difficult and sometimes painful and oftentimes, like with Bikram Yoga, you just want to run to a window or to the door and escape!

I am happy to finally have the chance to share the film and have the chance to engage audiences with a relevant discussion with some of the amazing artists and activists who I admire on the panel discussion after the screening. We are screening the film at 7 p.m.the Tank Theater (151 West 46th Street, 8th Floor).