When The Gettings Are Good


We welcomed our first Farmigo delivery yesterday after officially launching our community! You can now expect to see orders flowing into the studio every Monday this day forward. The order deadline is this Thursday at 12am. Here are some highlights to honey your thoughts.


Goodness thy name is Farmer’s Choice Pesto on a slice of braided Challah! I couldn’t resist digging in after an amazing 8pm class with Karen. Just head over to Farmigo and add that bread to your cart right now. The pesto this week is local spinach, bright and enriched with sunflower seeds, garlic and sundried tomatoes. The Green Ginger Coconut Tea looks like it will be heaven in a glass.


The front of the studio was lined with over 15 bags full of fresh local food. I was delighted to find some people had never been to Bikram and came solely to pick up their Farmigo order. Which means they are only a few steps away from drinking the hot yoga healing cool aid. Hello darlings! Our studio is a safe haven for joy, laughter and delightful conversation, a place where nourishing worlds collide. Throw a bag of Granola into the mix and you know you have a party.


Every week, you’ll get to taste more and learn more, connecting you with your food and the people who brought it to you. Click here for more info. If you’re wondering what else you should purchase, I do have another recommendation. Now remember, chocolate has antioxidants! The Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies are OH MY. And that’s all I have to say.

To locked knees and stinky cheese!

Brandi never dreams of having a horse, but a llama? Now that’s another story.