Talking Food? I’m Listening.

Our Farmigo family is steadily growing and in full swing! With new delicious and local goods arriving at Bikram Yoga Lefferts weekly, let’s go ahead and answer some FAQs.
  • Farmigo’s Help Page is very useful. Swing by and read some of the frequently asked questions about Farmigo and how to manage your account.
  • When is pick up? You must place an order Thursday before midnight if you would like to pick up the following Monday 6pm to 8pm. So if you place an order on Friday, your food will arrive the Monday after next.
  • Hey! What happened to my potatoes?! Depending on your product, Farmigo will contact me and you to say an item is not available and adjust the cost of your order accordingly. For the bundle packages, like Eat the Rainbow & The Soup Kit, you may receive more of one product to compensate if other veggies are not ready to harvest.
  • Who is in charge of managing my order? Farmigo customer support is here for us! You can email Pete and Nora at help@farmigo.com and they will respond to you ASAP to resolve any issue that may arise for you.
  • My name is Brandi and I’m your Farmigo organizer. I’m the bald one. Hello! You can email me directly at purlBknit@gmail.comYou are my foodie yogi family and I’m here for you too. As we grow and figure out what systems work best for us, I thank you all so much for your patience and warm spirits.

Click here to place your Farmigo order.

Need inspiration? This week I just have to recommend one of the Poulet Rôti Chicken Salads available in spices like curry, lemon & thyme and chipolte. A few tablespoons on a Petit Caramelize Onion Batard with some local Frisee? Be sure to let me know what time is dinner.

To quick satisfying meals after a long warm shavasana!

Brandi is a fresh food enthusiast who knits often and whistles after yoga.