Spice Up Your Life

There is nothing better than a really great spice to cleanse and invigorate the body and spirit. Cinnamon is known to regulate blood sugar, turmeric reigns as a popular anti-aging supplement, while cayenne provides relief for joint pain. And a 7am class with Robbin can seriously add a delightful kick to your daily routine by providing laughter and sun salutations by early morning light.

But have you ever heard of Flowering Chives?

I only recently discovered them while cruising the Farmigo New and Notable section. The prettiest plant you ever want to see.

Scramble them into eggs, garnish your garlic hummus – the classic potluck contribution. They impart the perfect touch of bright, green flavor. The beautiful caps and flowers are just as edible as the rest of the plant! Add these color additions to Local Goat Cheese Crostini. You will immediately become the hostess with the mostest. Oh. I smell a mighty good time.

Brandi is a fresh food enthusiast who knits often and whistles after yoga.