Yulia’s Message to Rebecca Causey After Posture Clinic

Periodically, BYPS offers posture clinics to their students which focus on the finer details of  a particular series of postures. Our student, Yulia, reveals her big “thanks!” to Rebecca.

Dear Rebecca,

First of all, thank you so much for the wonderful posture clinic! It was very interesting, enlightening, and somewhat surprising. I especially loved the opportunity for one-on-one attention, which, I’m sure doesn’t happen too often.

There were a few things I particularly benefited from. In general, I definitely enjoyed picking your brain for little bits and pieces of Bikram technique that I was missing; Those tips truly have made all the difference in my practice, and in the process helped to fix the tunnel vision I seem to shift into during class.

Triangle posture is usually one of my favorites, and so it’s especially exciting to see that mine can be improved; I know that my hip joints will probably thank both of us later as well. I find that I have to dig deeper and deeper during practice as time goes by so posture clinics are very helpful in that regard. I am presented with a different perspective on the things I’ve come to take for granted.

I also loved the detailed instruction on separate leg stretching. Your corrections are already helping me mitigate the neck issues I’ve had in the past. (cue a loud “whew” from my neck!)

But most of all, thank you for helping me understand that sometimes I do certain “helpful” things simply because I think that I’m not physically capable of the right way (such as bending my knees in order to grab my heels during separate leg stretching). That was a welcome reminder that sometimes I just have to try the right way first and see how it goes. I might just get pleasantly surprised… Or I might fall on my face which is still very much ok! Either way, I’m having a lot of fun ;).

Rebecca, thank you,


P. S.: I look forward to the posture clinic on the spine strengthening series; though I suppose there’s still tree, toe, wind removing and savasana.