Student Story: Erica Irala

Why did you start practicing Bikram yoga and how long have you been practicing?

I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga for about 4 years. I began practicing Bikram by accident … a good accident! I used to practice Vinyasa yoga at a studio near my previous job. When I stopped working there, I began to search for a yoga studio closer to home. I couldn’t believe BYPS was here all this time!

How has your practice affected your life?

I’ve noticed that I am able to remember and capture little details that would have escaped my notice in the past. I feel like Bikram yoga has enhanced my memory and revitalized my “underused and overused brain cells.” At work I feel like I am able to solve problems in a quicker and calmer manner. Health wise, I feel stronger now and more agile. I love to practice in evening when I can; At the end of the night, I sleep like a baby.

What keeps you coming back for more?

I keep coming back because I love how I feel once I’m done with class. I feel very revitalized, fresh and energized. Also, I am really mentally cleared. I love when the teachers say at the end of class “just melt into the floor” and “let the floor support you” . I  really feel my problems and worries melt into the floor.

Do you have any advice/insight for new yogis?

I would say, don’t feel discouraged if your first class does not go “as planned” and you are not able to do every posture “the right way”. The most important part of yoga is showing up and trying your best.