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Fast heart, slow lungs

Photo by Monica Felix @ www.monicafelix.comInner peace is not something that you create, but rather something that already exists within you as a part of your true identity.

That’s exactly how you delete the drama. By tapping into your indispensable stabilizing element. Something to anchor you when world tries to knock the music out of you. Something to help you soar above the turmoil that surrounds you.

As a yoga student, mine is my breath. The mantra is, fast heart, slow lungs.

This reminds me that more that chaos erupts around me, the deeper I need to breath through my diaphragm. That’s how I cope calmly with my inconveniences. That’s how I avoid becoming wrapped up in the injustice of the situation. By using my breath to remind myself that there are no emergencies, there are no emergencies, there are no emergencies.

The tricky part is, human hardwiring predisposes us to react, which is a conditioned reflex. We have to teach ourselves to respond, which is a conscious choice.

How’s your breathing?

Scott Ginsberg is a writer, daily practitioner and workstudy volunteer at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.