Photo by Monica Felix

Yoga is my anti depressant

Photo by Monica Felix

Photo by Monica Felix @

Motivation doesn’t happen to us, it happens in us.

If there’s something we need to discipline ourselves to do, it’s not a question of making the time to do it. Everybody knows nobody has time for anything. The secret is creating a rich context of meaning around the activity so it becomes existentially painful not to do it.

Dragging our butts out of bed and into the gym is no easy task. But it becomes a lot easier when we change our understanding of what the gym means to us. If we started viewing it as more than just a smelly room to pump iron, maybe we wouldn’t hit the snooze button as often.

That’s how I trick myself into working out everyday. My yoga studio is more than just a place to sweat, it’s a center of belonging. A neighborhood community. It’s where I connect with people who have overlapping value systems. And that’s just externally. Internally, it’s also the place where I work out my emotions, purge my stress and return to center. It’s training to handle the demands of life. My studio is anti-depressant that keeps my sanity in tact.

Considering that depth of meaning, would you ever want to miss a day?

Scott Ginsberg is a writer, daily practitioner and workstudy volunteer at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.