David Ashkenazy

Student Story: David Ashkenazy

Why did you start practicing Bikram yoga and how long have you been practicing?

I was running at the time and I started having problems with my knees and feet. I had been hearing about Bikram for over 10 years but I was intimidated. I decided to go to a class when I couldn’t run one day. After my first class, I was hooked. I decided to do a 7-day challenge which turned into a 30-day challenge which turned into a 101-day challenge of nonstop yoga.

I wanted to see how Bikram Yoga would affect my body and mind and some great transformations come out of it.

How has your practice affected your life?

I think from very early on I felt so open and clean, my moods were greatly improved, my body felt strong, and my skin clean and cleansed. I’m a musician/drummer and I also noticed my creativity expanding; I was much less tense and able to access a creative state of mind more quickly. My eating habits began to change naturally. I have always loved to eat and still indulge when I want to, but I began craving much healthier foods and drinking a ton more water. After 5 years of doing Bikram it’s now just a part of my life. If I don’t go at least once a week, I feel off and I crave it.

What keeps you coming back for more?

THE HIGH! Nothing feels as good as Bikram yoga. My mind, body, and spirit feel clean, clear, and cleansed. I do other forms of exercise, but Bikram is the glue that holds it all together.

Do you have any advice for new yogis?

Start off strong. You don’t have to do a crazy challenge, but go as much as you can. Once you get adjusted to the heat and the practice, it becomes much easier to relax into and enjoy the process. It truly is a moving meditation, it just may take a little discipline to get more comfortable. Oh Yeah,  BREATHE!!!!  and sit or lie down if you need. No need to suffer through it right?