Student Story: Kenny Hillman-Love

I first tried practicing Bikram  Yoga so I could impress a girl named Christine who was a regular practitioner. I decided I hated Bikram but loved the girl and vowed never to go back. A few months later I got a bulged disc and she suggested that I return to the practice. I did, and the improvements in my back were immediate. That was almost 4 years ago. Christine and I are now married and she’s a Bikram teacher so I owe a lot to this practice!

Bikram Yoga has helped me lose weight, gain balance, and improve my athleticism. It helps me be less reactive and speak to myself more gently. I travel a lot and I love that I can go anywhere and practice and connect with a huge group of yogis wherever I go. Furthermore, it’s an amazing thing to share with my wife; I feel like it brings us closer whenever we get a chance to practice together.

I keep coming back because my body just feels good when I do it. I feel more centered and present with my life when I practice regularly.

My advice would be to keep coming back. Try to practice a lot at first so you can get used to the heat. And don’t judge yourself too harshly. I still have to remind myself that this is a life-long practice and every class is a chance to learn and grow. Sometimes I can take myself too seriously when I practice so I think keeping a playful attitude is important.