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Blissful Warrior Yoga Renewal In Greece: OCTOBER 17 – 24

We know you’re dreaming of the Blissful Warrior Yoga Renewal in Greece in October, so we’re removing your two biggest obstacles in one fell swoop:

Time:   As Rhonda Uretzky, author of The Blissful Warrior says, “You have all the time in the world; it’s called Your Life.” Once you stop measuring your days in deadlines, you’ll remember that life is about living your dreams.   We’re giving you the gift of time by pushing the Yoga Renewal in Greece two weeks later – Oct 17 – 24 – enough time to settle your kids in school, give your employer a months’ notice, and tell yourself  you’ll be a better parent, partner, and contributor once you experience this renewal that begins in Greece and lasts for a lifetime….

Money: We all wish things cost less, especially the things we want most…wish granted:

  • $1000 DISCOUNT – that’s right; be the first to respond and get a $1000 DISCOUNT – not $3397, just $2397. It’s like earning $1000, only easier.
  • $500 DISCOUNT AND BONUS: Be second and third to respond and get a $500 DISCOUNT, PLUS we’ll buy your dinners – a total $700 Value! Not $3397 plus dinner, just $2897 INCLUDING the most sumptuous Greek dinners you’ve ever tasted.

The time is NOW.

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EMAIL Rhonda Uretzky, and write WINNER in the email subject.

We already know you’re a winner….now claim your prize.

See you in Greece, you lucky yogi!

PS –Speaking of time and money, did you know that you can add a bit of time in Italy onto this Renewal… for under $150? Ask us how.

PPS – Greece in autumn is the world’s best kept secret.   Find out why;  for more information, EMAIL now and you’re instantly eligible for the discount and bonus –  no obligation, no risk, just ask for more details.