Student Story: Wayne

Why did you start practicing Bikram yoga and how long have you been practicing?

The idea of a hot  yoga was/is appealing to me, although I practice all types of yoga as well. I started doing yoga in order to feel better and stay young, and started practicing Bikram in 2001.

How has your practice affected your life?

My yoga practice, including Bikram, provides me with peace of mind, a feeling of well-being, ‎and the luxury of feeling young as I grow older.

What keeps you coming back for more?

The heat‎, and desire to stay “forever young,” and the opportunity to find spiritual meaning to life.

Do you have any advice/insight for new yogis?

Do it! You will grow older whether you do it or not. Make excuses to yourself  and no one will care. ‎You can grow old feeling old and rickety, or you can grow old feeling healthy, strong and alive … It’s that simple!