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Keep your eye on the ball and let your mind go

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I’m a big believer in the power of positive addiction.

In yoga, getting yourself hooked on healthy, meaningful routines is always a wise investment.

Years ago I read a fascinating book whose research proved that positive addiction creates extremely optimal conditions for the brain to grow. And, unlike other addictions, it rarely gets you arrested.

In fact, just yesterday a newcomer at my yoga studio asked if practicing daily would have a negative psychological impact. I told her it was the opposite. That after a while, it actually becomes easier to stick with the practice than to skip class. And that’s the secret to positive addiction. Trumping habit, trumping discipline and getting to the point where you feel worse when you don’t do something.

Not a bad corner to paint yourself into.

What are you positively addicted to?

Scott Ginsberg is a writer, daily practitioner and work study volunteer at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.