Yogawear Designer: Kelly Hsiung of Modern Yogi

Can you tell us something about your line?
Modern Yogi is a contemporary activewear line for yoga practitioners who value comfort and quality in their practice wear without compromising style. Each piece is mindfully designed to provide the support needed in body-flattering silhouettes. All products are Made in the U.S.A.

What inspired you to produce your products and how did you get started?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved color, design, fashion and the arts. My other love is yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for 9 years and became a yoga teacher in 2011. I had an “aha” moment one day when it became apparent to combine my two passions: yoga and fashion.

How did you come by your yoga practice and how is it related to your line?
I used to be easy for me to get very light headed and overheated during the hot summer days in NY. I picked up Bikram yoga to overcome the heat.

What is unique about your products that you know we will all love?
I’m a thoughtful designer. I add unique touches to my designs.  For instance, on my men’s Power shorts, I designed a stretchy 4-way gusset at the base that provides extra mobility for postures like Triangle pose. When designing the Unishort for women’s, I made sure the straps on this piece were adjustable so this style can fit many different body types.

About Kelly
Kelly Hsiung is a yogi, entrepreneur and New Yorker. Driven by the love of yoga, fashion and wellness, Kelly combined the things she’s most passionate about and founded Modern Yogi. She is a certified yoga teacher with a background in Retail Marketing and a degree in Business Administration and Art. Kelly has a meticulous eye for design details and is obsessed with creating apparel that empower her fellow yogis.