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Financial Freedom with Greg Kogan: Interview & Event Recap

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 12.45.59 PMLast weekend, Bikram Yoga Park Slope partnered with Greg Kogan to help us tap into our financial freedom.

During this intimate workshop, we deconstructed our financial blueprints, aka, money stories; shared our lists of talents in respect to their ability to generate income and had an inspiring discussion about abundance, wealth and prosperity. By the end of this intimate gathering, we walked away energized, inspired and ready to contribute to the world.

We caught up with Greg afterwards and learned a few things…

1. How would you describe your work around financial freedom? My work around financial freedom is based on working out our frustrations and aspirations regarding money in our heart and minds, rather than, in the external world of taking action just achieve specific outcomes. This work involves gaining a better understanding on how to gain clarity around our finances, as well as, what we truly want in terms of money and success that leads to long term financial success and overall prosperity.

2. What’s a money story? What obstacles prevent people from owning their money story? A money story is a summary of what has been going for a person regarding money throughout their life. Writing out and expressing a money story can reveal certain patterns that have been unfolding that are rooted in beliefs one has formed during their childhood about money, self-worth, and lack or abundance of resources. One of the obstacles that prevents people from owning their money story is the belief that what happens to our money situation is a product of a series of random coincidences. It could be very relieving to own our money story, and from that point, being able to create a new money story.

3. What’s your relationship between yoga and financial freedom? I really love practicing yoga it makes me feel vibrant, revitalized, and energized every single time I get in the room and that is truly amazing. Just like yoga creates this feeling of vibrancy and vitality, being free of the heaviness that money issues create, allows an open space in one’s mind. From this open space one can tap into true soul desires and tap in the passion that they want to share with the world and create a more beautiful world around us.

4. In the workshop, you suggested that people “Expand their sense of caring for themselves.” Could you expand on that? I meant that a lot of times people find it difficult to take care of their financial situation by focusing their awareness on finances on a consistent basis. I feel like there is a disconnect sometimes between the link between how creating financial abundance, and how this is directly connected to how one can take care of one’s needs. I feel like creating financial order and prosperity is really an act of self-love as it creates a sense order and tranquility in one’s life.

Thanks Greg!