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Playing to keep the game going

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I love anything that doesn’t have a finish line. If there’s an endeavor in which you’re never done learning and always growing and can’t possibly have it all figured out, that’s instantly interesting to me.

Because it’s an infinite game. Competition isn’t a factor. The goal isn’t playing to win; it’s playing to keep the game going. There are limitless layers to explore.

That’s one of the reasons yoga has become such a centerpiece of my life.

Over the past decade, I’ve practiced in dozens of studios around the globe, taken posture clinics from world renowned teachers, attended asana championships, participated in public yoga the middle of major metropolitan areas, and of course, published extensively about my experiences. What’s more, along the way I’ve built a global network of kindred spirits and friends and fellow students, many of whom are instructors, studio owners, retreat leaders, apparel designers, yoga software developers and community leaders.

There’s no finish line. It’s a constantly expanding pursuit that makes me feel engaged and tested and stretched. Quite literally.

This concept reminds me of my favorite philosophy about making passion and intimacy last in our relationships. Somatica’s marriage therapists say that the best part about long term relationships is that they provide us with an opportunity to grow because they force us to face our deepest longings and fears as we connect with another human being whose needs, feelings and desires differ from ours.

It’s another infinite game. One without a knowable beginning or ending.

Whoever plays, plays freely.

What are the various infinite games in your life?

Scott Ginsberg is a writer, daily practitioner and work study volunteer at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.