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Go to the hot room and listen to your body

Photo by Monica Felix @

Photo by Monica Felix @

People who are great thinkers struggle with being in touch with their emotional life because their issues often get processed intellectually, and they bypass what they’re actually feeling.

They would rather know why they’re having an experience, rather than experience the experience itself.

They would rather step back from their feelings, analyze them and plan their reaction to them, rather than simply allowing those feelings exist.

But when you’re sitting in a hundred degree room for ninety minutes straight, with nothing to do but stare at your naked, sweaty body in the mirror, intellectualization isn’t an option.

It isn’t possible to gloss over your feelings and take the emotions out of the equation.

Trust me, I’ve tried. Yoga has a tendency to surface any and all emotions you’ve been storing inside your body for the last twenty four hours.

Whatever’s in there, is coming out.

And so, if I’m ever not sure I’m feeling about something, I just go to the hot room and listen to my body.

Because unlike my mind, I know it will never lie to me.

Remember, anything that helps us create a healthier relationship with our emotional reality is a good thing.

Are you treating your emotions as objects of contemplation, or opportunities to feel?

Scott Ginsberg is a writer, daily practitioner and work study volunteer at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.