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Confronted with the invisible posture

Photo by Monica Felix @

Photo by Monica Felix @

Krishnamurti once wrote that every waking moment is another invitation to let go of the image of how life should be.

We should embrace the moment as it actually is. Bowing to it, honoring its texture, shape and taste, even if it’s bitter. Taking what is given, receiving what life offers. Beginning with the raw material, the canvas of now.

It’s an apt message for any yoga practice. Because each time we return to the mat, we’re confronted with the invisible posture. The pose we never win awards for. It’s the attitude of unconditional kindness toward whatever we may be experiencing.

If our body doesn’t bend the way we expect it to, we let it go.

If the water isn’t as cold as we’d like, we let it go.

If the yoga room is super crowded and we don’t secure our usual spot right by the window where there’s a nice little breeze, we let it go.

If there’s a huge sweaty man bear of a fella practicing next to us whose flop sweat accidentally drips right into our water bottle, we let it go.

That’s our yoga for today. Focusing on the way life is, not the way it should be.

The key is not making a problem out of not always getting what we want. Not letting it become our nature to be always demanding things as we wish them to be.

And not putting ourselves above the current situation, as if this should not be happening to us.

Take what is given, receive what life offers. 

How well do you let go of the image of how life should be?

Scott Ginsberg is a writer, daily practitioner and work study volunteer at Bikram Yoga Park Slope.