Savasana, Interrupted

It was with great, great sorrow that the BYPS community said farewell to our other location on Fifth Avenue and 15th Street in Brooklyn, which closed on December 31, 2015. A number of us, myself included, shed tears when we first heard the news of the impending closure. Many longtime members of our community considered our South Slope location their “yoga home” for a number of years, and have spent the past few months, since the announcement of the necessity to close, coming to terms with this change, wrapping their heads around negotiating the commute to the Lefferts’ location, and the subsequent adjustments in scheduling and logistics that now have to be made.

Change tends to have both good and bad elements to it; one great thing that has come from this event has been to bring our already close-knit community of yogis even closer, as significant upheavals can sometimes do. We’re all using our practice to process the grief over leaving a beloved space, realize our gratitude for having been able to practice there, accept this change gracefully, and find a way to turn toward the positive with regard to this and other of life’s inevitable shifts.

I will let the memory cards from the Fifth Avenue lobby, written by some of our community members in the final days of the studio, tell their stories:

What happens in the studio stays in the studio. That means my head will always be here – Y

Thank you for providing a lovely, safe, and friendly sanctuary! This was my home away from home, 2013 – 15! XOX – J

S. Slope, Dec 2015: You are my home studio – that happens once in a life! – C

Dear BYPS – I have been practicing here since the start – Thank you.  – S

Beautiful studio I will certainly miss. Great memories! – D

2007 – 2015 – With whole-hearted thanks to you that walked through these doors and the space that held each of us with such grace, allowing for extraordinary transformation. – J

This studio has made me a better teacher and a better person. Thank you, South Slope! 2011 – 2015 – P

And when you are gone, I will miss your gentle noises. Namaste – S

Completed my 30-day challenge today!! Thank you for being a part of my life. I’ll miss you, South Slope! – T

Thank you Roody, Jessica, Denise, Jessica M, Peter, & the 6:30am crew! 2011- 15 – A

Memory highlight  … Sharing clementine oranges with my fellow yogis on 30-day challenge back in 2013

The smell … – A

From brittle and tense to juicy, lean, and calm, to teacher of health and peace. I’ll always remember you as the gentle push that the new me needed. Thank you for the love, light, and support – S

On December 31st 2014, I took my first ever Bikram class here. Thank you, South Slope, for completely transforming my life. – J

((heavy sigh)) Thank you for healing my knees and making me strong and confident. Some days offer profound insights and deeper understanding of how I interact with the world.

I will miss this studio so, so very much as it has been the most vital healing space when I was in a fragile and difficult space in life and this studio saved me!!!! Love you so much – K

Been coming here regularly since 2009. One of my favorite memories is trudging to the studio through the snow piled up high on the quiet streets. Hot yoga in snowfall. Thank you for an amazing community – A

12-30-15 Thank you BYSS for being an amazing constant in my life for over six years. I’m very sad to see this studio go but I am hopeful for a new incarnation. Park Slope needs this space and all of the wonderful teachers! Best wishes – YJ

2010 – 2015 When my doctor gave me the all clear after six rounds of chemotherapy and seventeen radiation treatments, I returned to Bikram a cancer survivor … ready to work, sweat, love, and connect. This studio was always love!! – L

Such a warm and welcoming community of yogis! Thank you for lighting my passion for yoga. – C

When I first moved to South Slope seven years ago, finding this Bikram studio made me feel like I’d found my new home … a constant source of healing and growth. Thank you!

Started at Flatbush in 2007; continued when South Slope opened; bounced back and forth. I love the peace and space you’ve provided. Thank you, South Slope! – K

This studio–this community–has been such a strong and important place for us these past five years. Thank you. – J & T

2011 – 2015 This studio has been such a special place in my life! I feel like I grow into myself and my “adulthood” through my practice here. So much love. – M

What C said! I will never have another home studio. Forever grateful! – A