Clothing Designer: Trudy Miller

Can you tell us something about your line?
I design extremely comfortable clothes that make women look and feel fabulous – regardless of age, size or phase in their body cycle.  All pieces in the collection are customizable to flatter individual body shape, and allow for personal expression.

My favorite new way to describe them is “sporty and elegant”.  (That’s the feedback our dear Carolyn Agis is getting when she wears my clothes – and it makes me so happy.)

What inspired you to produce your products and how did you get started?
Women’s bodies are constantly fluctuating – and on a regular cycle at that.  However, most clothes aren’t designed to acknowledge that.  I believe this is one of the primary reasons why negative body image is so prevalent among women, and why we tend to have overstuffed closets with things that fit us ‘sometimes’.

My moment of Divine Design Discontent came to me in a fitting room.  The clothes were telling me that my body was somehow wrong – even though I was fine with it before I walked in there.  I believe the muffin top epidemic/phenomenon was also in full swing.   That’s when I had enough – and decided to take matters into my own hands.

How did you come by your yoga practice?
My yoga practice is extremely varied – I like to mix it up. Initially I came into practice through Eve Holbrook, a truly gifted teacher. I was astounded by the depth of precision in her knowledge of the body, and how yoga put me in direct contact with parts of my physicality that I had never engaged before.

What is unique about your products that you know we will all love?
The garments provide near seamless transitions from hot to cold, day to evening, smart to sexy, pregnant to breastfeeding, etc. (I’ve been told they even perform very well during hot flashes!) My architectural design clients are happy with their spaces for similar reasons.  They are fully equipped to flow easily through their spaces and activities, unencumbered by the superfluous.

About Trudy
For Trudy Miller, architectural design is the multi-disciplinary practice of creating products and environments that do more with less.  From clothing and accessories to furniture and interiors, her primary focus is on surprising and delighting her clients with more than they imagined possible. Trained as an architect via CCNY and UC Berkeley respectively, Trudy has been committed to teaching about environmental sustainability to a wide variety of audiences.  She has taught at Parsons the New School for Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, and California College of the Arts. Trudy also teaches and mentors high school students through the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum’s DesignPrep Scholars Program. For well over a decade, Trudy has been massaging her design practice and service model to illustrate a whole systems approach towards lifestyle design.  In early 2016, Trudy will launch – A Wellness Concierge Team that helps people make big and small changes to improve the quality of their daily lives; under the theme Find Your Flow in 2016, Trudy and Team Solutionista will offer lifestyle improvement services in the following categories:  Love Your Body, Love Your Space, Love Your Life


Yogawear Designer: Kelly Hsiung of Modern Yogi

Can you tell us something about your line?
Modern Yogi is a contemporary activewear line for yoga practitioners who value comfort and quality in their practice wear without compromising style. Each piece is mindfully designed to provide the support needed in body-flattering silhouettes. All products are Made in the U.S.A.

What inspired you to produce your products and how did you get started?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved color, design, fashion and the arts. My other love is yoga. I’ve been practicing yoga for 9 years and became a yoga teacher in 2011. I had an “aha” moment one day when it became apparent to combine my two passions: yoga and fashion.

How did you come by your yoga practice and how is it related to your line?
I used to be easy for me to get very light headed and overheated during the hot summer days in NY. I picked up Bikram yoga to overcome the heat.

What is unique about your products that you know we will all love?
I’m a thoughtful designer. I add unique touches to my designs.  For instance, on my men’s Power shorts, I designed a stretchy 4-way gusset at the base that provides extra mobility for postures like Triangle pose. When designing the Unishort for women’s, I made sure the straps on this piece were adjustable so this style can fit many different body types.

About Kelly
Kelly Hsiung is a yogi, entrepreneur and New Yorker. Driven by the love of yoga, fashion and wellness, Kelly combined the things she’s most passionate about and founded Modern Yogi. She is a certified yoga teacher with a background in Retail Marketing and a degree in Business Administration and Art. Kelly has a meticulous eye for design details and is obsessed with creating apparel that empower her fellow yogis.


Student Story: Michele Harper

I am so proud to be a part of this project!

I began practicing Bikram yoga when the Flatbush studio first opened. I lived in the neighborhood and was attracted to the concept of a hot sweaty studio and only 26 postures. I loved the fact that each class was the same every time and at that point I was searching for more discipline.

After two classes a week for almost a year, I felt great and looked amazing. My coworkers and friends all wanted to know what I was doing, and of course I told them Bikram yoga. Most of those friends joined a studio and are still practicing today.

The challenges of work and personal distractions seem to always push me from the practice, but when I need to ground myself, burn off fluff, and shine like the sun….I know that Bikram yoga is my holistic health sanctuary.

Pranayama: Standing Deep Breathing

This month we are releasing one posture per week to lead you through the 26 + 2 Bikram yoga series. We know many of you are away over the summer — we miss you over the holiday and look forward to seeing you when you are back! In the mean time, use these videos to support your practice when you find yourself away from your home studio.

Some benefits of Pranayama breathing:

  • Encourages mental relaxation
  • Supports good blood pressure and circulation
  • Improves conditions of the lungs – increasing lung capacity

We would love to hear what Pranayama does for you! Share with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Erin & Rafael

Salsa Party: July 10

On July 10th we are bringing the salsa party to our Lefferts yoga studio. Take the 8 p.m. class with Roody to music and bust a move on the yoga dance floor afterwards! BYPS teacher Erin and her husband Rafael will be there to get the party started.

Rafael will be teaching the entire Beginner Class so please come even if you have no experience or a partner. Rafael owns a salsa dance school in his home town of Santiago de Cuba and he is very good at what he does…i.e. he’s totally used to teaching non-cubans how to dance! Read more of Erin’s story below about how she became a yoga teacher and met the love of her life on the dance floor.

What’s your yoga origin story?

I started practicing Bikram Yoga in Jan 1999 in San Francisco at Mary Jarvis’ Studio (which I randomly found in the yellow pages of the phone book.. when we still used phone books). I got into it as a way to stretch after long bike rides while I was training for the California AIDS Ride. I quickly started doing more yoga and less cycling. I expressed to Mary that I wanted to become a teacher. At the time I was working for a mental health clinic in SF and my goal was to incorporate yoga into the counseling and crisis work we were doing. She was very supportive. I went to training in December 2001 (thats where I met Roody). I taught for Mary for a year before moving to Brooklyn and teaching at various studios around NYC. I began teaching for Roody in May of 2003 and I’ve been with him since.

When I moved to New York, initially I was working as a social worker at a nursing facility for people with an AIDS, mental health and substance abuse issues. I also taught Yoga in this facility, while continuing to teach yoga at Roody’s studio. I went to nursing school 7 years ago and became an Oncology nurse. Now I teach various postures and breathing exercises to my patients while coaching them through the cancer treatment. Being a nurse also serves my yoga teaching. My knowledge of anatomy, physiology and disease process fuels my teaching and my drive to assist people in taking care of themselves…to practice preventative medicine.

Because I am in two caring professions, the yoga is vital to my own self-care. I HAVE to do it in order keep my body strong, my back healthy and my mind clear. It is impossible to care for others properly if we do not care for ourselves first. I would have burnt out long ago if not for my own practice.

When and why did you start dancing salsa?

I started dancing Salsa in 2013. I had been to Cuba once before and when I returned to Brooklyn I vowed to learn how to dance. I was fed up standing on the wall watching everyone else have fun. I started taking classes here in NYC and in 2013 I set up a “dance boot camp” trip for myself as a birthday gift. I met my husband on that trip at his salsa school in Santiago de Cuba.

What are the parallels between dance and yoga?

In yoga you have to focus on your self and build a better connection with your own body. In Salsa, you have to focus on your partner and build a connection with them. If you take your focus off your partner, the connection is broken and you can lose your step or balance. Same in yoga… if I break my focus in a balancing posture, I can break my connection and lose my balance. Salsa, like yoga, is a moving meditation that requires you to stay in the present moment. And of course, if you hold your breath in either activity, you will lose your endurance. I have to remind myself to breath while I am dancing just like in yoga.

Finally, both yoga and dance are challenging and it’s easy to get frustrated and give up in the beginning. We have to be patient as we stumble, trip, lose our balance or melt into a puddle on the floor, but step by step we learn, create a new muscle memory and then succeed.

There is no better feeling than accomplishing something we never thought we were capable of doing.