Work Study

Are you looking for a way to build community, deepen your yoga practice, lower your monthly expenses, and become a towel folding virtuoso?

Welcome to the BYPS Work Study Program.

After fifteen years, we wouldn’t be the thriving community we are today without our dedicated Work Study Team. Our select group of student volunteers participates in a special set of “postures” off the mat, including studio stewardship (maintaining our beautiful yoga spaces), community development (online and offline outreach), and member services (helping students feel like family).

Here’s how the program works:

  • ENROLL for a three month commitment.
  • WORK four hours a week in the studio.
  • ENJOY unlimited yoga, for free, as compensation for your service.

Work studies do it all: We do laundry, we fold towels, we clean mats, we cook for potlucks, we write articles, we perform music, we tweet, whatever the community needs.

REMEMBER: Practicing yoga is more than just sweating on the mat. It’s about stewardship, community and service. Oh, and unlimited class doesn’t hurt.

Ready to join the BYPS Work Study Team? Send an email to to schedule an interview and a towel folding test. Seriously.